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Need of a Perfact Customer Service Software

When we talk about managing after sales service, Zillion Serve comes as best choice for Service CRM Software in India, we we cover entire Service Management, including real time tracking of Service Technicians
Zillion Service CRM is a web and mobile application for field service management businesses, designed to enhance field operations from customer complaints, scheduling tasks, dispatching technicians, to managing resources and invoicing swiftly. With Zillion Service CRM HR, your business can rapidly improve productivity, boost its ROI and witness unrivaled customer satisfaction.

What Is Service CRM?

Today After Sales Service or customer Support departments are major factor in Growth of a Company.Customer Delight is the only key differentor among crowded consumer market. Company's Success depends on synergizing customer service representatives with the Growth targets of company. A Good After Sales Service attributes to Retaining existing customer and presents opportunity for Upsell ..

byVK Bansal- Chief Marketing Officer

Field Service Engineer Module

It is Comprehensive After Sales Service CRM Feature, Filed Service Technician or Engineer is empowered with Feature Rich Customer Service App help him to perform his duties

Supervisor Module

Amazing Interface with Supervisor having control over activities and Service Tickets being issued versus Resolved

BAR Code/QR code

Engineer can Scan the Product from his Service App and find out entire product service details including Job Card

Service Engineer Dashboard

All The Service Tickets Assigned versus resolved, Product Under warrantly or not, see his Rating Summary

Supervisor Dashboard

Maintain SLA, monitor TAT Turn Arround Time, Approve or Reject Part replacement, based on Image attached by Engineer.

Mobile Invoicing Feature

Service Engineers are empoered to Generate Invoice for Billable Parts or Services if not under warranty

AMC Contract Mgmt

Easy-to-use contract management tool helps you to manage your preventive maintenance and service level agreements efficiently via Zillion Serve - After Sales Service Mobile App

Inventory Mangement

Stock alert for spare parts inventory before visiting the customer, he can check the Job card of the product sold.

Warranty Handling

Zillion Service CRM helps companies maintain Single Source of Truth, by having centralised integration with ERP and Get Selling date and Warrantly Expiry Date

Knowledge Hub

Zillion Service CRM App has provision to add various files PDF, Video related to Servicing New Product Launched

ERP Integrations

Fully and Securly integrated with your Backend ERP, Zillion Service CRM Application provide you with option to integrate key info using API.

Workflow Alert, Notification

Technicians receive push notifications regarding Service Ticket and can deal with the job at hand punctually.

Ticket Allocation Rule

Service Tickets are created and allotted automatically from central office to Filed Technicians This saves a lot of time and boosts your workflow.

GPS Tracking

Each Service App is integrated with Paid GPS Services and helps Supervisor as well as Customer TRack the Location of Technician.

Customer Feedback

Zillion Service CRM App helps you capture Digital Feedback after completing service, a real time info is shared at Various Levels

Photo Capturing

Zillion Service CRM comes with a before-after photo capturing facility to help ensure that customer tickets aren’t closed before the problem is solved, thereby improving customer experience and satisfaction.


eSignatures help customers authenticate their transactions and confirm the quality of services availed.

Mobile App

Establish and ensure communication with field workers through a dedicated Android and iOS app. Customers will also be able to experience the ease of availing FSM services through our amazing hybrid mobile app which is in development.

Zillion Service CRM, offers unique and dedicated service and support features, helps guarantee the customer’s experience is amazing at every brand touchpoint.

Faster turnaround

Service reps handle hundreds of customer enquiries day-in and out. Aid your support team members in resolving tickets without failure with the help of time-triggered automation. Create ticket maintenance workflows according to the time gaps in which a customer query has been untouched. For example, create a ticket maintenance routine after every one week an issue remains unsolved. Thus, automatic follow-up protocols ensure your prospects' trust stays intact.
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Define Service Level Agreement(SLA)

Our service automation software helps you create SLA from inside the CRM. Define deadlines for ticket responses and mutually agree upon a resolution time based on both the parties’ business hours. Create personalized SLAs for different clients in your contact database and select the contacts you wish to deliver the SLAs before you send them. CentraHub CRM offers multiple SLA templates and even automates SLAs according to your business requirements. Make changes and update your SLAs with ease to deliver expert customer service standards.

View Customer Service history

Developing a visual identity is about taking a brand story and translating it into design elements—a process that’s equal parts creative expression and attention to detail. When all of your brand’s design elements are repeatable in style and tell your story powerfully, you’re well on your way to a compelling brand that’s a perfect fit for both business and audience. Sometimes, the perfect name or tagline comes to you in the shower and the whole company embraces it immediately. We’re here for all the other times. If you’ve ever chosen (or argued about) a baby name, you’ll know it’s one of the most personal, subjective, and yet consequential decisions you’ll ever make. A brand naming exercise may not be the same as naming a baby, but it’s still your baby.
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Real-time data sharing

Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo,Symbol that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. Brand identity is different from brand image. Brand Identoty is what company wants its, to be percieved by Consumers or market, where as how actually a Brand and associated Values are percieved by consumers is Brand Image. A company may carry out following activities part of Brand identity creation:
  • Chooses its name
  • Designs its logo
  • Uses colors, shapes, and other visual elements
  • rains employees to interact with customers

Brand image is the actual result of these efforts,The results may be successful or unsuccessful.

Warranty Management Handled better

Your brand’s mission, vision, positioning, personality, and values. Your story, in turn, gives further direction and definition to the final phase of our approach: an eye-catching visual identity your business can take to market. The most recognizable company logos—and brand identities generally—can evoke a chain of associations and emotions in only a moment. But creating these instant brand associations involves a lot of work for a lot of people.
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Improved Customer repo

The crux of customer-centric organizations lies in the power of understanding customer preferences and interests. So, how well you know your customers make a significant difference in generating business opportunities. Most of the organizations do not develop their products or services around the pain points of their customers. Unlike them, Zillion Service CRM is designed to cater to the pain points of your audience. The software includes easy-to-create customer survey forms to help you conduct surveys and understand your audience better.
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Beneficiary department from Service CRM

1.Inbound customer support:An inquiry coming in through phone, email, live chat, social media, or in-person? Service CRM is the tool to rely on. Many CRM systems will provide you with a space for a knowledgebase, too. This way, you can pull up the most relevant and correct information quickly.
2.Customer lifecycle data and customer profiles. For many industries, recurring purchases is the lifeblood of a company. Understanding what makes people buy again and/or more is key to increasing their lifetime value (LTV). Service CRM lets you build that customer profile and keep track of customer history.
3) Upsell opportunities. By noticing patterns in questions and requests for products, you can anticipate customer needs. You can communicate this to your sales team members. These upsell opportunities increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

Churn Reduction

When you notice a change in customer behavior, this may be a signal they want to leave you. They might be an increased number of complaints or a failed recurring payment.At first, these behaviors might be hard to notice. But as you spend more time in your service CRM, you’ll see trends that happened before customers left you. You can look for the same patterns in existing customers and react right away to prevent churn 

Advanced Reports and Analytics

Zillion Service CRM provides a unified platform for accumulating and storing data to improve the customer experience. The data gathered by service and support departments help identifying and anticipating problems, and also be valuable input for marketing and sales teams. Great analytics and reporting features are necessary for any service CRM.. and Zillion Service CRM is best Choice. Zillion Service CRM empowers reps to help more customers in less time. A collection of Historical data on product being under warranty on not, finding the service hisyory makes customer service more effocient with little effort. FAQs and knowledge bases are easily organized using past service CRM data, and they can be regularly updated and improved with little coding required. This frees up bandwidth of service departments from handling simple tickets, and customers also get a friction-free experience when needing to resolve common issues.  

Knowledge base for Service Engineers

Rebranding is a major business decision for any organization, it is not just a change of logo or symbol. Rebranding is aimed at established the existing brand with the intention of developing a all new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, competitors, and other stakeholders. Rebranding is expected to boost sales or may be intended to change Brand image and percieved value of Brand.
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Advance After Sales Service Management

Social Media Branding is the process of managing your company's Brand image,as perceived by the market, across social media platforms like Google, Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter or any other relevant digital media

Become a Better Business

Deliver exceptional customer service with our advanced customer service CRM Software- Zillion Serve.The System offers a centralized platform to collect, record and distribute Support tickets. The Mobile Application of Service CRM is an Amazing tool which covers every aspect of After Sales Service Management, The Invoice date, Warranty Status, Service History, QR Code Scanner by Technicial Mobile App, Replacing the Parts and if payable issue a E-invoice instatntly via Mobile , collect the Customer Feedback with signature and background Geo Stamping.


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P: +91 9858 951 951


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Reverdin drive, Cityvinner sh-RG415TF, London-United Kingdom P: +44 9773822431

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