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Best HRMS Software Company , ZillionHR is Complete Hire to Retire Solution to help your organization with Single Software, Single User to meet all work requirements of Your Employee, be it Attendance management or a Project management, Want to share happiness through Employee Engage Section. Keep your Workforce Future Ready with our in-built Talent management Module. Experience Compelete Paperless On Boarding

New Tax Scheme Fully Integrated

"Being a Leader in HR Domain, it was expected out of us to roll out New Tax Scheme as another option for Employees to Consider. Either of the Tax Scheme. So Another reason to be at peace , let eployee study and decide As Richard Branson famously once said: "Look after your people and they will look after your customers. It's that simple"."

TRUE ALL IN ONE - HIRE TO RETIRE Human resources management systems

"The statistics speak for themselves. More than three billion people — nearly half the world’s population — are active on some form of social media. In the United States alone, 58% of consumers follow brands they like on social media.
Many companies have turned to Social Media to reach out directly to possible new recruits. Social Media recruiting and Employer branding are helping businesses connect, sell, and hire more effectively than ever.

byV K Bansal- Chief Marketing Officer


We conducted a survey with help of Spunky Media Research Lab on human resources management systems, which they are using and below was Response .

100% of them Said NO

when asked if their HR Solution Covers all part of HR Automation

100% of them Said YES

when asked if they had to pay for each HRMS Module

47% % of them Said Somewhat

When asked if they are Happy with Current HR Solution

Only 20% % of them Said Yes

When Asked if user adoption was easy affiar

How do we fare on Industry Expectation

Human resource information management systems-ZillionHR- Hire to Retire

Company Master

Employee Administration

Employee Self Service

Manager Self Service

Attendance & Time

Leave Management

Dynamic Tax Engine

Loand and Advances

Dynamic Payroll Management

Expense Management

Travel Management

E recruitment

Learning & Development

Talent Management

Project Management

Employee Engage

HR Cockpit

Employee Survey

Best HRMS Software company in new delhi ,Gurgaon,Bangalore, London

We offer PAN india Service with specific operation in Delhi NCR, Punjab, Rajasthan, MP, UP, Pune, Gurgaon,Faridabad,Bangalore. In International Market we have office in UK i.e United Kingdom London and Singapore. We are best full-service digital marketing agency from India.

Being started by Industry Veterans with over 200 Man Years of experience, we are well regarded and recognised as Business Transformation Company. The Best HRMS Software, Best Sales CRM Software, Best Customer Service Management Software Company in India Our Solutions are “ROI Driven” & We are acccountable for your money being Spend.Your Search ends here for Best HRIS Solution company in gurgaon, Delhi NCR
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Benefits of hrms software

The number one benefit of human resource management systems is the way they free up time. Automate time-consuming people management tasks and you’ll have more time to spend on business-driving activity.
Staying on top of basic employee information can quickly become a nightmare if you rely on paperwork and filing cabinets. Just think, how long does it take you to dig out holiday request forms to find out how much holiday time your team has left?
HR software saves you time by helping automate simple processes such as holiday allowance, absence tracking and training. It can also help you streamline processes to increase overall productivity and work management.

WorkForce Management Software/ Module

Having a problem with sickness absences or a rush of annual leave requests can crush a small team. HR software helps you set up an easily accessible holiday planning system and understand the background behind each absence.
But better than being a glorified calendar, good human resource management systems benefit your SME by calculating pro-rata entitlements, keeping track of remaining leave and helping you manage holiday requests.
HR software also makes things easier for employees – they can request holidays at any time, no matter where they’re working. The result? No more messy, time-consuming, email trails. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Compensation Management Software Module

among various features of human resource management features AUTO generation of pay slip and going to Employee HR App, is most appreciated feature. Once you confirm payroll, salary slips are automatically generated in payroll system and employees can view them from mobile app.EMPLOYEE EXIT MANAGEMENT​, Talent Management, Recruitment Software Training/ Learning and Development. Quick Pay, READY BANK Integration Pay salaries and expense reimbursements to your employees using the ready to upload Bank Advice specified by your bank., Integration with ERP

PROVIDENT FUND: PROFESSIONAL TAX,PT calculation is supported for all states in India and reports are auto generated for easy payment and filing.Make accurate PF payments with PF electronic challan cum return (ECR) auto generated from ZillionHR,EMPLOYEE STATE INSURANCE Ready to file reports help in ESI payments and compliance even for multiple ESI codes.,INCOME TAX & TDS,Enable tax declarations by employees and make optimal tax deductions and payments. Comply with the filing requirements with ready to upload 24Q statements.,DIGITALLY SIGNED FORM 16. employee attendance tracking is made simple with attendance tracking systems in built in web and Mobile Application


If your organization requires receipts to be attached with expenses, submitting is simpler with ZillionExpense. You can attach a digital copy of your receipt along with your expense. Consolidate your expenses by date or type, add them to a unified expense report, and submit it in one easy package for approvers.
Expense approvals
Approval in ZillionHR is a quick process as managers get alert on their mobile and they can approve the same on Mobile itslef. Custom policies ensure that expense reports are submitted to the appropriate person based on the policy, or automatically approved or rejected if they meet the right criteria.

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Travel management software is used to book trips, manage upcoming trips, and track and report on previous trips. Other important features and uses include the automation of corporate travel policies and the ability to consolidate travel invoices and vendors.
The NEW way (for businesses of any size): Employees book for themselves using travel management software that includes the company travel policy inside (to block or require approval for trips out of policy). The software also includes company payment details so no reimbursements are necessary!It allows you to track and manage travel at the CRM level, so you can assign trips to different customer accounts.


Employee development is fundamental to the long-term success of your business. As well as helping you build a more skilled and effective workforce, it boosts retention by engaging your employees so they’re less likely to leave for a job elsewhere.Keeping track of employee development is yet another of the benefits of a human resource management system. You can use it to log performance reviews, training courses, objectives and qualifications.

HR software will even remind you and your managers to hold regular one to ones and helps you turn these meetings into more meaningful coaching conversations. This in turn can help you focus on your employees’ career development; a proven factor in improving employee engagement and retention.

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he solution for small teams to organize and manage their work. Software with customizable time tracking and task management at its heart. The perfect blend of features to see exactly where your efforts are going and to keep your projects on budget.Time tracking Account for more of your billable time and increase your revenue by letting Intervals track time for you with easy-to-use timers.

Task management Collaborate effectively and efficiently with your team by keeping all of the to-dos organized in one convenient online location

Project management Elegant dashboards and detailed summaries help you spend less time managing projects and more time getting work done.

Accountability Intervals provides just the right amount of transparency to help you build client trust, keep projects under budget, and get paid on time.

Reports Make educated business decisions using the data you need, when you need it, with fast, flexible, and detailed reports.


Talent management software enables the automation of all talent management processes. These solutions provide businesses, HR personnel, and managers with a wide range of solutions to manage all employee lifecycles from recruitment through offboarding. Talent management systems are often divided into four main subcategories: recruiting, training and development, performance management, and compensation management.<
Talent management software covers a wide array of tasks related to the oversight of a workforce. Because the needs of companies and employees are so diverse, talent management software can range from recruiting to career management software. When assessing the talent management ecosystem, it makes sense to view it in a chronologically linear fashion. Recruiting software is the first step in acquiring qualified candidates and is useful in bolstering a company’s workforce. From there, an organization may use video interviewing and pre-employment screening followed by onboarding and career management. Performance management and compensation management software rounds out the talent management category as they are applied to every employee in an organization, no matter how long their tenure. By investing and effectively implementing talent management software, HR can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus more on the talent.

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E RECRUITMENT Software/ Module

The buzzword and the latest trends in recruitment is the “E-Recruitment”. Also known as “Online recruitment”, it is the use of technology or the web based tools to assist the recruitment process. The tool can be either a job website like, the organization’s corporate web site or its own intranet. Many big and small organizations are using Internet as a source of recruitment.

Lower costs to the organization. Also, posting jobs online is cheaper than advertising in the newspapers.No intermediaries.Reduction in the time for recruitment (over 65 percent of the hiring time).Improved efficiency of recruitment processGives a 24 X 7 access to an online collection of resumes. Online recruitment helps the organisations to weed out the unqualified candidates in an automated way.


Since 90 percent of people trust influencers’ opinions more than branded ads, influencer marketing is a valuable strategy — and Spunky Media lab can help you leverage the power of our influencer network.
Influencer marketing allows you to partner with key figures in your industry — and it gives you access to influencers’ valuable audiences.

Since 90 percent of people trust influencers’ opinions more than branded ads, influencer marketing is a valuable strategy — and Spunky Media lab can help you leverage the power of our influencer network.
Influencer marketing allows you to partner with key figures in your industry — and it gives you access to influencers’ valuable audiences.

Since 90 percent of people trust influencers’ opinions more than branded ads, influencer marketing is a valuable strategy — and Spunky Media lab can help you leverage the power of our influencer network.
Influencer marketing allows you to partner with key figures in your industry — and it gives you access to influencers’ valuable audiences.

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Hr Mobile App


Having recognised Spunky media as Among Top Digital Marketing Companies in GurgaonThe exectation Bar is raised further high by our clients. We take a wholistic approach and heavy focus on quality of Conent to get best ROI from our digital marketing campaigns. We go beyond call of Duty and ensure a correction process starts from Website Audit.

Why ZillionHR over other vendors

Roles of the human resource manager has been defined well with user controls, At its simplest, Zillion HR human resources management systems – is a HR tool that makes managing people easier. It does this by helping you keep track of the tasks, data and processes involved in people management. Many smaller businesses might not think of people management as 'HR' which is associated with larger companies but the truth is, as soon as you take somone on, your have resposibilities as an employer and this means admin to manage.

Only Solution offers Hire to Retire

Digital marketing is not just about a handful of services. The old proverb 'sharpening the axe before cutting the tree' applies suitably to digital marketing. Hence, a Digital Marketing Strategy, a sound one in line with your objectives, needs to be stitched first. A powerful digital marketing strategy is the foundation of a successful execution that would lead to augmenting your sales.

Simplify the HR Automation

If your business is not searchable today, it is hiding somewhere under a rock. A strong digital marketing practice is vital to making your business visible to a prospective lead, consumer or seeker. A comprehensive SEO practice today requires effective UI/UX, content development and backlink strategy. We are a house to all white hat SEO practices (including Digital PR).

Dynamic Charting Makes MIS Easy

Your website is not just the face of your business. It is a business generator, a lead generating and nurturing machine. We combine aesthetics with robust technology to deliver websites that impress, perform and leverage your brand to greater heights.

4.Happy Worforce- More productivity

The number of people using social media has crossed into the billions, with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube becoming an important part of daily life for people across the world.Social Media Marketing is your opportunity to engage with the user, create a brand positioning, and communicate the whats, wheres, and whys of your brand. When it comes to social media marketing, we think like communicators - because that's what is needed.

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