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We are in the Business of BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION"







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ZillionOne stands for Business Transformation Backed by over Two decades of Industry experience" At ZILLION-ONE,"We understand need to simplify your Business Automation. After Years of Research on consumer behaviour and the feedback recd, we came up with three Busness Automation Solution, 1. ZillionHR- Complete Hire to Retire Solution, Zillion Sales CRM- Covering entire Sales Cycle from reciept of inquiry to order conversion, 3. Zillion Service CRM- A comprehensive Solution to help clients automate the After Sales Service. Our Solutions are designed to mimic Human Thought process.. therefore you see a School dropourt Technician too is able to use the application in best possible way.
Our Solutions Help you focus on Growing Your Business as rest of the automation process is taken care by Zillion Suite of Application with Feature rich MIS system, or Dynamic Reporting Engines, where you could monitor the information on real time basis. Our Sales CRM Software's MIS reports are highly appreciated, specially the Sales Leader of the day and real time data on Sales orders and collection with break up of Region and managers, Product..What else you could ask for... wait we have made all of this available on Mobile.


We Are in the "Busness of Business Transformation". Having acquired and transformed over 67 Customers across India and Overseas market with our Business Automation Solutions like ERP, HRMS, Sales Force Automation, Field Service Management, Now we Intend to Help over 1 Million Business over Next Ten Years..


World's Only Hire to Retire Solution available on Cloud, Private Cloud, On Premise, On Saas. The Six In One Solution covers all part of Human Capital Management

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Field Sales CRM

Zillion Sales CRM

The Best Sales Force Automation Software with Inventory and Finance Integration,Empower Your Sales team with Best of Moile Based CRM Solution to conquer the competition

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Sales force Automation

Zillion Service CRM

Keep Your After Sales Service promise without any hassales, keep customers happy, retain them, look at upsell opportunties.

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We Are in the Business of "Business TRANSFORMATION"

Beig a Leading Business Automation Software providers we offer world class Solution like ZillionHR which Covers Hire to Retire Cycle, Sales CRM, Service CRM for Customer Service Automation .


Solution Depployment options

We are in the Business of "Business Transformation"


World's Only Hire to Retire Solution available on Premise, i.e if you have inhouse infrastrucutre, no need to spent extra on hosting.


We offer the Solution on Flexi Cloud i.e You have choice of going for Provate Cloud or Public Cloud to have your instance hostged


We bet, you would not have seen such AWESOME UI Dsign of any HR Solution, Lets Meet / talk to experience Awesomeness

Our Customers have Rated us very Highly on Purchase Criteria

User Interface

We are Satisfied with 99%, as their has to be scope left for Improvement.

Features Availability

We See 10% as a Honest Feedback to help us improving

Ease of Use

Each Staff Basis Event type, is personally picked up by our CEO

Value For Money

Peanuts !!! is what of our prospect said , once he looked in to Dealer module being integrated with CRM APP

We Are thankfull to 60+ HR Managers Across India and over 2000+ Employee and Managers , who helped us built such a comprehensive Solution and make it availble as ONE SOLUTION ONE USER AND ONE PRICE.

V.K. Bansal Co-Founder, IndUstry Principle HRMS, Recruitment, Benefit and compensation, Talent Management., Sales Force Automation, After Sales Service Management. PGDBA-Mktg, MBA-USA,CDM,National Award,Featured on Zee TV, CIO REVIEW, DD TV, Tribune, Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika Ex. SAP, Tally, Oracle

Human resource management system-ZillionHR

"ZillionHR-Hire to Retire" software is rated the best employee management system, which covers ess employee self service,mss manager self sewrvice,employee time tracking software,mobile attendance,payroll management services,reimbursement for travel expenses,timesheet management , Project Management, E recruitment, Learning and Development, Talent Management, Performance appraisal.Employee Survey. It has been a best HR Payroll Software in Delhi. If you are looking for best Web and Mobile HRMS Software all in one place in Delhi, ZillionHR is the right Choice.
We are the leading HR and payroll software companies in India.ZillionHR is a simple, intuitive and comprehensive HRMS software in Delhi . ZillionHR-Hire-To-Retire is ONLY Solution Which covers entire employee life Cycle Management. From Paperless E Recruitment to, Digital OnBoarding, Learning and Development based on Perfornace apprisals, handling No Hires in futre with use of Technology is one of key feature of ZillionHR Human Resourse Management Software in India

Sales Force Automation with Zillion SalesCRM

What is customer relationship management software?

Customer relationship management software is designed to help your organization track every inquiry which comes in by any medium be it phone, email, Industry Exhibitions, or Website or Social Media. The Growth and Sustainability of Business depends upon how strong and comprehensive CRm System your company has in place. Each Lead counts... we hear pmangers/leaders shouting... Company spends few Millions to MultiMillion to create awareness and Generate more and more Interest in potential markets which they ensure a "Call-To-Action" ,But Who ensure that after an interest is generated by Marcom team, who handles the lead from Inquiry to Order" Our Zillion Sales CRM is designed to recieve, allocate, monitor, follow, meeting, proposal, closure and WinLoss analysis.
The Zillion Sales CRM provides innovative features like Knowlde Hub, Marcom Flash, and Merchandising. Dealer Management is yet simple but powerfull feature through which you can empower your sales team to control the overdue nuisance and control credit by having a access to dealer's credit limit

Service CRM

"Service CRM"takes care of service management or better known as after sales service management, including warranty , handling, Inventory tracking.WE HELP CREATE HIGHER PROFITS.Today After Sales Service or customer Support departments are major factor in Growth of a Company.Customer Delight is the only key differentor among crowded consumer market. Company's Success depends on synergizing customer service representatives with the Growth targets of company. A Good After Sales Service attributes to Retaining existing customer and presents opportunity for Upsell .
When we talk about managing after sales service, Zillion Serve comes as best choice for Service CRM Software in India, we we cover entire Service Management, including real time tracking of Technician.

Analytic for HRMS, for Sales CRM, Analytic for Service Team

We help you get best out of the data you collect as a human resources team or Sales team or Service team.With Dynamic analytics WEe can give your business leaders real-time insights. ZillionOne Suite of Solutions can be used by any business unit to get real-time and robust data. For HR Analytics you can find out what’s driving performance.
ZillionHR helps you Drive higher customer satisfaction with a more engaged, diverse, and skilled workforce using our Learning and Development Module and find out the GAP in skills. This is only way to create high-performing teams.
We help team leades make well informed decisions and smarter business move with real-time insights on Sales data and analysie the reason for drop in sale in a rewgion or of a Product which was expectef to deliver the better result.
ZillionOne uses dynamic Analytics tools which makes it easy to collect and connect data at every point of the employee lifecycle, from the moment someone joins to the moment they leave. Same way How many Customers of a Water purifier Brand comes back to them for Repeat Purchase.. When a customer became frustrated and why he decided to Switch Brand if we have MIS in place all these decision can be based on evidence, not feelings.

Data Security

"ZillionSalesCRM" With this information security and data protection solution at Zillion we encrypts each customer’s records the instant it’s entered in the browser window on the company’s website. That encryption is maintained as employee data is processed throughout booking. This has vastly reduced the “attack surface” of systems and applications containing live data.
SecureData with Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) and SecureData Web with Page-Integrated Encryption (PIE) enable us to stand up secure servers in data centers anywhere across geographically dispersed areas, with no need to build and connect separate database infrastructures for key management.


"All Solutions on Mobile" Our HRMS to Sales CRM, Service CRM are built using Hybrid Technologies. This simply means our Mobile Application work on both Andorid and IOS Platforms.. Some have even tried Windows Phone and Blackberry too. The UI and UX Designs are of international standards and Mimic Human Thought Process. HR Heads and over 200 employees were interviwed during Development process, hence the flow of Design is just prompts you to use the next buttons

Our Systems are designed to provide CXO a Single source of Truth.. as all data being collected and populated back from ONE SINGLE SOFTWARE.. Have more meaning full Review meetings , Present your data with more confidence in Board meetings... No Dispute, no Arguements, Just Business Growth backed by power of ZillioOne Solutions ”.In fact, we have everything you need to stand out in your marketplace and break through the noise"

200 Man Years of Experience

The Fonders are having 20+ Years of Experience on Marketing and Brand Development, whereas team collectively carries over 200 Man Years of Experiencein helping client succeed using right Marketing strategies.





Awesome Technologies we have integrated Our Solutions

Awards and Recognition

"ZillionONe" stands for Determined. At ZILLION-ONE,"We understand your Business Better,backed by over Two decades of Industry experience" We are Determined to Grow Our Client's Business Be it a pop and mom shop or a MNC Client , We pay Equal efforts to ensure our customers gets Best ROI on their Marketing Investment.We pay Equal efforts to ensure our customers gets Best ROI on their Marketing Investment.We pay Equal efforts to ensure our customers gets Best ROI on their Marketing Investment.We pay Equal efforts to ensure our customers gets Best ROI on their Marketing Investment.We pay Equal efforts to ensure our customers gets Best ROI on their Marketing Investment.WWe pay Equal efforts to ensure our customers gets Best ROI on their Marketing Investment.W

Award from Times Group
Consumer Choice Award by IBN7 TV Channel
Zee Business recognises our work
CIO FReview Magazine, Vinod Bansal Appreared


Hire To Retire HRIS -ZillionHR

  • Employee Adminsitration
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Expense Management
  • Travel Management
  • HR Analytics
  • Employee Engage
  • Payroll Central
  • Learning and Development
  • E recruitment
  • Talent Management
  • Project Management

Sales CRM- ZillionCRM

  • CRM Mobile App, CRM Web App
  • Inquiry Management
  • Lead Management
  • Add New Dealer
  • Submit Quotation
  • Checl Credit Balance
  • Collelct Order
  • Reimbursement & TRavel
  • Geo Bases Attendance
  • Sales Leader of The day
  • Knowledge Hub

Service CRM-ZillionServe

  • Centralised Compain Management
  • PIN Code Wise Allocation of tickets
  • Warranty Management
  • QR Code Scanner to Get Service Hostory
  • Replace Parts defected
  • Issue Invoice from Mobile
  • Customer Signature on Mobile
  • Customer Survey on Service
  • Manager Can monitor TAT

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Reverdin drive, Cityvinner sh-RG415TF, London-United Kingdom P: +44 9773822431

We Are in the Business of Business Transformation